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Frequently Asked Questions
Why a Regimen?

The five products are all infused with MDT5 and work in synergy. In order to obtain dramatic visible results all 5 Steps are necessary.

Which skin types will benefit from the Regimen?

Because its highly engineered vitamins go straight to the skin cell receptors that need them, the regimen addresses all skin types and most conditions: Dry skin, Normal skin, T-Zone, Oily skin, Fine Lines, Discoloration, Acne and Rosacea.

Why so few products and so many functions?

The highly engineered and highly concentrated MDT5 Vitamin-Proteins are 'smart'. They go to the skin cell receptors that need them the most.

Can MDT5 be used after waxing?

Cleanser, Serum, A-Bomb and Double Defense can be used after waxing. However, Transport should be held off for 24 hours after the procedure.

Can MDT5 be used after Microdermabrasion?

Our recommendation is to hold off usage of all five steps 24 hours before and after the procedure.

Can MDT5 be used during an Accutane treatment?

Yes. Only one Transport pad every other day, squeezed (either morning or night) should be applied for the first week. All three other steps can be used twice daily and Double Defense in the morning only.

Because MDT5 contains Vitamin A, can it be used by pregnant women?

There are different forms of Vitamin A. The form that is cause for concern is the Retinyl Acid (Accutane) form.

The form in our product is Retinyl Palmitate (Vitazyme A+), which is much less irritating and a more widely used form of Vitamin A. It is implied that this raw material is safe; however, we cannot endorse its usage by pregnant women. They should consult their physicians.

What type of Vitamin C is in the serum?

Ascorbyl Methylisilanol Pectinate. It does not lose its potency and does not oxydize.

What can be recommended if the Transport pads are too sting-y?

In addition to MDT5, Transport contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Transport is a light exfoliant and is an essential element of the regimen. It is important to keep this Step 2 within the treatment as follows:

  • Some skins are more sensitive than others to AHA. Our recommendation is, at first, to squeeze the excess liquid and apply the pad only once daily instead of twice.
  • If the skin still feels sensitive, squeeze the liquid and apply the pad once every other day. The skin will get used to it and after a short while, the usage should be built up to be used every day, twice a day.

What can be done in the case of breakouts?

Blemishes mean clogged pores. One of the many functions of MDT5 is to cleanse the skin and the pores. If pores are clogged by excess sebum, debris, etc., these will not be able to come out and will generate a blemish. We call this a “positive side effect” as it shows that the products are working.

This usually happens at the beginning of the treatment. Our recommendation is to continue the treatment without stopping. Your skin will glow in just a few days.

Why is MDT5 also treating Acne?

Although Acne is a complex disorder that is not completely understood, it is known that Acne is generally caused by a combination of 3 different factors:

  1. Bacteria (Propionibacterium Acnes)
  2. Lack of adequate natural exfoliation
  3. Overproduction of sebum

The MDT5 complex treats all of these symptoms, the Transport Pads contain AHAs to enhance the natural exfoliation process. Also, the MDT5 component of this system (Niacinamide Polypeptide, Tocopheryl Polypeptide, Pantothenic Acid Polypeptide, etc…) help enhance the skin natural processes and defense system. The MDT5 components nourish the skin and strengthen it to help it defend itself. As a result, the skin is better able to prevent the growth of the acne bacteria. Also, by nourishing and strengthening the skin, the sebum production process is normalized.

Lastly, it is known that the vitamins are topically beneficial for acne. Niacinamide and Pantothenic Acid have been clinically proven to be very effective in combating acne. The exact mechanism is not understood. It has been shown that Niacinamide reduces the amount of sebum on the skin.

What is the shelf life of your products?

2-3 years.

Do you test your products on animals?

No, we do not test our products on animals.


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