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Skin Reset restructuring cream
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I've used Somme for about 4 years now. It's a line that has finally calmed my occasional acne. While I've enjoyed the original product line, this new face cream is my favorite! In the week that I've used it, I can notice my skin tone is overall more even. My face is nicely hydrated, smooth and happy! Love this product!


I Work for a famous Dermatologist who doesn't sell any skin care products in his office. He Told me about this product and said it was the only product that he saw that actually works for fine lines and discoloration. He said his wife has been using it and he never saw results like it from a skin care product. was shocked when he told me this because he doesn't believe in any over the counter product that works so obviously I ran and bought it. All I can say is WOW!! My skin never looked so beautiful and youthful before. I will use this forever!


I am in my late 30's and I have started to come to a worry about my lines and wrinkles. Some products I've tried in the past just left my skin irritated and dry but when I tried skin reset my skin felt so smooth and nourished and after only using it a few weeks I see a big difference! Amazing!

-Mary Jane

All I could say is that anyone that has wrinkles, loose and lax skin should use it. they will be shocked at the results.


This is the first product out of hundreds that actually work and i mean really work. it has changed my skin texture and my skin is now completely evened toned. my skin feels a lot firmer and the fine lines around my eyes are gone! this is a winner!


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