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A-Bomb moisturizer
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I've been using your Transport, Serum, and A-Bomb products for the past few months and they are life changing. My skin is even, my pores are smaller, and my face just has a glow. I've even invested in a mobile kit to take along with me when I travel! I hadn't heard anything of Somme Institute until I was researching skin care regimens, and I research all products I use thoroughly. I know a majority of my readers don't research quite as thoroughly, and depend on the information I dig up. I'm planning on writing a (glowing) review.

Anne Goodnow

Just a quick note to say how effective your product is. I've use the entire line since early June. I'm 50 and here's what's happened: * NO more acne, cysts or otherwise and no more acne scars (none!) * Dark spots fading (even in summer) * Nice texture and lines appear diminished Your product does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do...and it takes me less than a minute to do the 4 basic steps. Very happy I found your product (BTW at the Omni Hotel in DC). Take care and have a great day,


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