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Hi Michele, I wanted to share a quick story about the amazing vitaboost effect on a guest I worked on. A woman from Texas came in for a classic facial earlier in the year, I upgraded her to a vitaboost facial and she loved the glow so she told her cousins. They came out last week for a family vacation and she and her cousin from NYC had vitaboost facials on Friday . I was just booked a classic facial by her other cousin and she said she wanted the vitaboost glow like her cousin ! The promo samples helped to give them a chance to try it at home . I think they will be Aria and Somme guests for life! They are beautiful Indian skin ladies and I have noticed that they respond beautifully to your product. Coincidence? Or maybe a market to be focused on? Thank you for your support Michele, having an amazing product to work with is such a treat. Have a good evening, Jules In Health, Wellness, & Beauty
Jules, Las Vegas,
Dana introduced me to Somme products about 6 months ago. I just love it!!! As she has already told you, I do have the symptoms of lupus and many other major health issues. Years ago I was put on the equivalent of 100 mg of perdaisone, which bloats up your face and stomach areas horribly. My face more than doubled in size, which really stretched the skin out. Now that I'm close to 60 my skin is very pucker y and leather looking. I have many deep wrinkles and many more fine lines. Since I've started using Somme, my skin tone has evened out, my fine lines look amazing, and my deep wrinkles really don't look as bad. I'd still love to get a face lift mind you, but at least now when I look in the mirror I don't feel quit so ugly and old. My husband and girls see an improvement also, so it's not just my own opinion. Thank you for letting me share my story with you and I do love the product. I have two of my girlfriends trying it now. They (to me) already have good skin, but they are getting older too, so if my really bad skin looks so much better, then they should be more then pleased with there results. Thank you,
Dixie Stoklosa, ,
Although I have never written a testimonial for any product – the Somme Institute products have been amazing! I have used the products for about four years. I began with the Nourishing Cleanser which cleans so well and leaves the skin so soft, plus the Transport Pads to get all of the makeup and dirt exfoliated. Then I added The A-Bomb Moisturizer + Double Defense sun screen. I’ve never had a moisturizer, much less a sun screen that didn’t break my skin out with those little bumps around the chin and face. Seems like other products I had tried and say they are pure add “other” ingredients (I’ve checked the listing of ingredients in other lines). Somme just works. I also used the Serum in the evening after I’ve washed my face, used the Transport exfoliator and then the Serum and the Eye Cream. I’ve now added the new Skin Reset. I was a little skeptical about a heavier cream at night since, although I’ve always had oily skin AND sensitive skin. Any product I’ve tried has always broken my skin out. But, thanks to the Somme representative whom I spoke to – he sent me a sample…I am sold on the product!!! I just used the Boost Warming Mask – wow, after using it, the so feels so (and I mean so) soft. I do use the Neckline cream occasionally (not as often as I should, though). I just turned 66, live in Houston, TX where it is very humid – and my skin has never (really never) been so smooth, soft, and resilient. People cannot believe my age. Friends who I don’t see often always comment how great my skin looks. Well, there you have it. A real person, who tried Somme products and wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t get them. It’s really that great of a line!!!
Karen Bodner, ,
Hi Edward how are you its Stacey the beauty stylist from nordstrom Roosevelt field ! I have been trying to e mail you back but for some Reason it's not going through ! So I wanted to tell you that I have finished the travel set you sent me and again I absolutely love it ! If you have the resurface pads , the serum and abomb I would love that !!! Also the new cream with the gold skin reset I think I am 100% obsessed with that. My fiancé and I have both been using it and I am so upset because he dropped it in the toilet opened so it got ruined ! I would love love love if you could send me another one of that ! I have been telling everyone about this amazing line that I honestly cannot believe I haven't tried before this . I am so happy you taught me about it and I look forward to getting other people hooked and make them fall in love like I have !!!!
Stacey , , New York
About 8 years ago, prior to me becoming an esthetician, I read an article about Somme Institute and their product line. I was very impressed with the science behind this skincare company. I was curious to try it for myself to see if in fact I could see the results that they had claimed. I was and am very impressed. Not only did I visually see a difference, but I could feel the texture of my skin improving. To my amazement, not only could I feel and see this transformation, but I have had complete strangers comment on my skin and to what products I was using. I'm 53 years old and would have never believed that at my age someone would be complimenting me about my skin! About a year and a half ago, I purchased a day spa and the one product line that I was truly excited to introduce was Somme Institute. Our clients are now head over heals in love with Somme too! Esthetican/ Owner and Spa Director of Spa-tique Day Spa, Marshfield, MA.
Arlene Fithian, Marshfield, Massachusetts


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