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Your opinion matters more than ours-choose from the drop down list below and see what Somme Institute® customers have to say!

Your product is the BEST product I have ever used! I have been battling adult cystic acne for the past THREE years and have tried many products including ProActive, Dermatologica, Prescription Treatments (Creams/Gels) From A Dermatologist, Birth Control Pills And Laser Treatment, etc—none of them came close to working. I just started trying the Somme products in January 2011, which I found from a Spa. After a week of that with no acne lesions, I ordered your full product package. Since then, I have had not one acne lesion. My skin is 100% clear. I now am able to leave my house with no makeup; I feel like I have my life back!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Since I am using the Somme products, my skin improved in appearance and the years seems to have less impact (less wrinkles). I am getting remarks about how good my skin looks, even without any makeup, which says a lot at my age (60).

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My skin feels softer, looks healthier and I'm having only minor breakouts at less frequent intervals. A good friend of mine who knew when I started using Somme said she can definitely see the difference and improvement in my skin.
Ann, New York, New York
I admit that in the early days I questioned the product, as the results were that my skin actually looked drained and sallow for the first 2 weeks. After that period, however, the results were amazing. Your line has given me the best results that I have visibly seen on my face...period. No comparison!
Tina, Dallas, Texas
How everybody hasn’t figured out that Somme is a miracle is beyond me.
Sally, Isle Of Palms, South Carolina


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