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One of my staff members, who is 22, has had severe acne since she was 13 or so. She has been on Acutane, had Cortisone shots, and has been on every skin care Regimen you can think of, none of which worked. It was so bad that she used to wear heavy makeup even to the beach. Within a month of using Somme, we all saw dramatic improvements. Recently, she came into work without makeup, which was a big deal, and a woman walked up to her completely unprompted and told her she had beautiful skin.

Sally, Dune, South Carolina
Pleased to say I have been using your products the past three days and already seeing results! Very impressed!
Melissa, Australia,
I am really enjoying the A-Bomb cream and have discovered this is an item I cannot live without; The Transport pads and Serum also. I love that Nordstrom Spa sells this line!
Cathy, ,
I have been an esthetician for 7 years and have used some of the best products on the market, but I have been struggling with acne since my early 20s. Now 31, the only thing that I have found that leaves my skin flawless is Somme Institute! And being a Southern Californian sunshine girl, my sun damage is no longer visible!!!
Tiffany , Carlsbad, California


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