MDT5™ - The Answer To Everything

Vitamins are good for the body. That, we know. Everyone takes vitamins every day. Many dermatological studies have demonstrated the therapeutic benefits of topical vitamin treatment for a variety of skin conditions. The challenge is absorption. Skin care companies have tried and failed to deliver significant results because the vitamins in the products aren’t being absorbed properly into the deeper layers of the skin.

We found a way to do this. It’s called Molecular Dispersion Technology (MDT5™) and it delivers a powerful compound of five highly engineered vitamins, attached to specific proteins that target skin cell receptors. The vitamins travel deep within the skin in their active forms at high concentrations. These MDT5™ active vitamins treat all skin types and have many benefits, including:

• Significantly improving skin tone, texture, clarity and appearance

• Repairing years of sun damage

• Visibly lightening discoloration

• Diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• Eliminating blemishes and preventing further breakouts

What Is Single Solution Skin Care?

We believe in one type of skin - healthy. Somme Institute products work for everybody and everything. Every Somme product is a hero that can single-handedly save your skin.

Decades of cosmetics marketing has programmed consumers to believe they are unique.

They aren’t. At least not in terms of their skin. People like believing they have a certain “type” of skin, like it’s a part of their personality. It’s all just an appeal to the human desire to feel special.

The truth is skin is skin. No matter what color, age, sex or concern, skin functions more or less the same. And everyone’s skin wants the same thing - vitamins and antioxidants.That’s what Somme delivers more effectively than any other skin care brand, because of molecular dispersion technology, which penetrates deeply and heals the skin from the inside out. No other skincare brand truly does this.

Skin care companies will tell you that you’re choosing the wrong products for your skin type, and that’s why they’re not working. The truth is, they’re just not working.

Somme Institute products work for everybody. Skin is skin. That’s the truth.